New Parks and Recreation director talks about his goals on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - George Schaff is back on the job at the City and Borough of Juneau's Parks and Recreation Department.

    He replaced Kirk Duncan as director following Duncan's retirement last week.

    He served with the department previously as the Parks and Landscape Superintendent before leaving about four years ago in favor of a position with the Alaska Region of the U. S. Forest Service.

    When asked about his goals for the job while a guest on Action Line Schaff said, "For me I want to make Juneau a place where people want to come and live.  Our quality of life is a big reason why folks live here.  For us, it wasn't the low cost of living.  Most days, it's not the weather, but gosh the community we have here, and the opportunities we have to be outdoors and do the things we love is huge."

    Schaff feels that's big economic driver for the  community.  "We need to be drawing folks here into our community to work, folks who want to stay and  live here and raise families and that's what this job is all about.  It is about having fun, but for me parks and recreation is about our local economy and really supporting the folks here in Juneau."

    Schaff initially came to Juneau in 2002 to work as a back country ranger for the Forest Service on Admiralty Island.


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