Smoking ban possible

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) The legislature approved a smoking bill that allows communities to enact work place smoking bans.

    If the Governor signs the bill it will take effect October 1.  There are laws on the books already that bans smoking across the state in healthcare facilities, childcare facilities, and government buildings.

    State rep. Lance Pruitt said a study showed low income people suffer more from smoking, "People with lower income and education are less likely to be covered by laws that prevent smoking at restaurants and bars.  We are elevating the opportunity for people all over the state to be able to breathe clean air."

    Juneau and other cities like Anchorage, Haines, Petersburg, Skagway, and Nome already have smoking bans in place for most public places.

    Rep. Sam Kito of Juneau said he worked in a smoky bar when he was a young adult and that could have encouraged him to become a smoker, "I was working in a bar when I was younger spending time with smokers.  I took up smoking myself.  I don't know if was due to the fact that I worked in a smoky workplace.  That might of had some impact on my choice."


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