Fearless Females

    Fearless Females

    For over two years on TAKU we’ve be highlighting Gateway Fearless Females. Supporting country ladies to get airplay.  One of those we were proud to support right out of the gate was Arkansas’s Ashley McBryde. She’s got a new song just released ..so what does Sharon from mornings on Gateway say? Check it out below.

    Ohhh Ashley McBryde – one of our Fearless Females and one of my favorite artists has just released this dark song, Martha Divine.

    It’s got all the stuff we love in a country song – firstly it’s a story – and it’s got friendship, cheating and … well, you listen to the song and watch the video and see.

    Let me just say though, there’s a killer (pardon the pun) line in there, “It ain’t murder if I bury you alive”.

    Couple of other interesting things - Ashley plays the part of a motel manager in the video and then at the end, you get “To Be Concluded” …. so, there’s a sequel? A follow up song? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Check it out and let us know what you think.