Latest JEDC economic indicators report determines local economy is strong

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Preliminary figures for the 2019 Economic Indicators report for Juneau produced by the Juneau Economic Development Council were revealed on Action Line Wednesday.

    Executive Director Brian Holst reported that Juneau's economy is basically solid, although they continue to be concerned about the loss of government jobs.  

    This year marks the eighth year in a row that government jobs have declined in Juneau.  From June of last year to this June, there was a loss of 170 government jobs.  "It's a concern for our economy because it drags us down, Holst said.

    But the upside, he said, is the private sector.  "Our private sector continues to be strong and we eked out a slight net growth in jobs this past year with a flat population."

    The full economic indicators report for this year will be unveiled next week.


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