Sitka mayor Gary Paxton files for re-election bid

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) - Sitka Mayor Gary Paxton filed on Tuesday morning to retain his seat for another two years.

    Paxton, who has served as mayor since 2018, says the main reason he decided to run is that there is unfinished business to accomplish.

    "In the next two months, we need to get back to normalcy," Paxton said. "The city staff and assembly need to sort out multiple options for the haul-out, and we need to get the CARES Act funding distributed ... also, we're short-staffed by about six or seven city senior members that we need to rehire as we get ready to go into next year."

    And Paxton says the hiring of the borough's administrator is one of the highlights of the past two years he has served as mayor.

    "John Leach is a really gifted, talented, and engaged leader that has come here in a most extraordinary time," Paxton said.

    In other recent goings-on in the borough, Paxton said the move of the Alexander Baronov statue to the local museum was "handled properly" and respectfully.

    The next regular municipal election for Sitka will be held Oct. 6.


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