Sitka police warn about scam calls

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) - Sitka Police are warning residents to not give out personal information over the phone after the recent reports of calls from persons who claim to work for Amazon.

    Police said these are fraudulent calls and the scammers are just after your personal information.

    They said several residents have reported being contacted recently.

    The caller claims to be from Amazon, that the person called is a victim of fraud, and ask for personal information.

    Sitka Police said it is all too common for people to get false and fraudulent calls from people claiming to be representatives of legitimate businesses like Amazon, banks, and credit card companies.

    Police advise residents never to give out personal information over the phone like account numbers or social security numbers.

    They also advise residents not to clink on email links asking you to sign in.

    This is how scammers can get your username and passwords.


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