Assembly considers systemic racism review committee

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The assembly voted 5-4 not to hold a public hearing July 13 on a proposal to create a new committee to review racism.

    Instead the matter is headed to an assembly committee for more review and discussion.

    The seven-member racism review committee would advise the assembly on proposed legislation like a systemic racism policy.  The committee would be empowered to review ordinances between the introduction of the measure and public hearings and review resolutions before public hearings. 

    As proposed the Assembly would not be able to act on legislation until this committee completed its review and transmitted it to the assembly.

    The ordinance was referred to the committee of the whole for further review.

    Assemblymember Rob Edwardson proposed the new committee.  He said he would like the committee proposal to be the subject of a public hearing first before the assembly starts working on it.  That meeting would be held on July 13.

    He said he would like to get public input on the proposal before it moves forward.

    "It marks what could be a pretty significant change in how the assembly does business," he added.

    Deputy Mayor Maria Gladziszewski said the next COW meeting is July 20.  She said she would be glad to take public testimony at that meeting.

    Mayor Beth Weldon predicted a great deal of work on this ordinance. 


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