CBJ proposes $15 million bond issue

    CBJ Manager Rorie Watt.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - CBJ Manager Rorie Watt pitched a bond issue to stimulate the economy in 2021. Projects include roof repairs on schools, more work on the West Douglas Pioneer Road and park improvements.

    The ordinance would have to be adopted by August 3 so voters can decide on the bond issue this year.

    Watt predicted a lack of construction projects next year due to the pandemic. 

    Watt also looked at a new City Hall, and other street projects but recommended the shorter list.

    Assemblymember Michelle Bonnet-Hale requested Aurora Harbor improvements be added to the list.

    She also supports improvement projects at the Eaglecrest Ski area.

    Assemblymember Rob Edwardson said he wanted to see proof that such a package would stimulate the economy.

    Watt predicts several small contracts from park improvements.  He noted the public has been supportive of school projects in the past.

    He admitted the proposal won't allow the CBJ much time to get public support for the bond issue.

    Assemblymember Wade Bryson said Juneau is a government town and as a businessman, he sees where government projects have a positive financial impact on his business.

    Mayor Beth Weldon said she supported $15 million and suggested the CBJ find another way to fund the Aurora Harbor improvements.

    She said the tax rate would rise by 1/10th of a mill if this bond issue is approved.

    This ordinance would be introduced at a special assembly meeting on July 20.


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