Five cases for Thursday

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The City and Borough of Juneau reported 5 cases of COVID-19 in Juneau on Thursday.

    Two are attributed to secondary transmission, another to community spread, one is under investigation, and the remaining case occurred a couple of weeks ago and has since recovered.

    Two cases are connected to the Juneau School District. One is from Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School and another at Sítʼ Eetí Shaanáx̱ - Glacier Valley School. It is believed that exposure is limited to just one classroom at each school, so operations are normal except for those two classrooms, which will switch to distance delivery.

    Throughout the state, 92 residents were identified with COVID-19. One death, a male Fairbanks resident in his 20s, was also reported Thursday.

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