GoFundMe page set up to assist man who lost house in landslide

    A screenshot of the GoFundMe page fundraiser.

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Following the landslide on Gastineau Avenue which displaced many residents, the community is coming together to support one homeowner, Jin Mitchem, whose house was essentially totaled.

    In less than a day more than 370 people have donated towards a GoFundMe to help Jin recover from the slide.

    "Luckily no one was injured, but now the unfortunate business of picking up the pieces falls on those unlucky enough to have been affected," Katherine Chen, the organizer of the fundraiser said. "Nobody expects to be at the center of a tragedy, and this could not have happened to a less deserving person. Anyone who has interacted with Jin will attest to his pure spirit, his understated curiosity, and his overwhelming kindness in the face of adversity."

    To view the GoFundMe, visit: gf.me/v/c/6hkq/landslide-destroyed-jins-house.


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