Gov. Dunleavy cuts $5M in AMHS ferry service funding

    Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

    Anchorage, Alaska (AP) - Gov. Mike Dunleavy has vetoed additional funding for the state's ferry service that was placed in the budget by the Legislature.

    Dunleavy vetoed $5 million Monday that was added to the Alaska Marine Highway System budget by the Legislature.

    The Legislature had previously cut $43 million from the ferry system's budget.

    A fiscal note attached by the governor's office called the budget item "premature" ahead of a $250,000 study commissioned to reshape the ferry system.

    The note says the ferry study is due in mid-October.

    The Alaska Department of Transportation released a statement following the governor's announcement saying it is finalizing the winter ferry schedule.

    A draft schedule released last month did not propose ferry service on Prince William Sound between October and May.

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