Ketchikan man sentenced for fishery violations

    Ketchikan, Alaska (KINY) - David Vest, 43, pleaded guilty to tampering with and retrieving another person's shellfish gear without permission.

    Vest was charged in October 2018 with 21 criminal charges that included interference with commercial Dungeness crab gear, theft in the third degree, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, unlawful identification of commercial Dungeness crab gear, and failure to report Dungeness crab on fish.

    Alaska Wildlife Troopers said Vest unlawfully possessed fish, mutilated commercially taken Dungeness crabs and used crab pots that were not his.

    Troopers said they had video evidence that Vest has operated commercial and personal use crab pots that were not his while aboard the fishing vessel Silver Surfer.

    Vest was sentenced to a fine of $10,000 with $4,000 suspended, one-year probation, and lost his commercial fishing permit, privileges and license for one year.  He also forfeited all his fish and game and equipment seized by authorities and close to $400 in Dungeness crab.





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