Mattice: Gastineau Avenue slide more likely a large treefall, rather than mudslide

    A view of the Gastineau Avenue landslide on Monday night. (Photo courtesy CCFR)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Drone footage is revealing that the slide on Gastineau Avenue was more of a treefall than a large mudslide.

    That's according to the CBJ's Tom Mattice. He spoke to News of the North on Wednesday.

    "What's really interesting is it's really more of a treefall event than it was a mudslide," Mattice said. "As we started looking at the drone footage yesterday, and started to look at the debris, we have we have a tremendously large tree that fell and it took out a whole bunch of other small trees. The amount of mud is actually pretty minimal. It's amazing how much more of a treefall than it is than the actual mudslides, like we're traditionally used to."

    Mattice added that the CBJ is continuing to request that people stay away from the area where crews are working throughout the day with heavy equipment.

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