Police presentation to highlight Assembly COW meeting

    Deputy CBJ Manager Mila Cosgrove

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A presentation by the Juneau Police Department highlights Monday evening's Assembly Committee of the Whole meeting.

    CBJ Deputy Manager Mila Cosgrove said on Action Line that it is the police department's opportunity to address some particular issues.  "There's been a lot of questions and concerns following in the wake of what's happening down south about JPD's use of force and their use of force policies.  So they're going to have an opportunity to explain those things, both what they mean from a practical standpoint, how they've been applied in the community so people understand what we do and how we do it."  She added that in many cases demands being made of police departments down south are already in place here.

    The committee will be updated on plans to conduct the October 6 local election by mail.  Cosgrove said those plans are coming along very well.  "It's a very tight time frame. Our clerk's office and our law department are working really hard to make sure that all the 'i's are dotted and the 't's are crossed.  If it moves forward, which I anticipate it likely will, people can expect a slightly longer election cycle.  It just takes longer to vote by mail, but it does ensure that everybody has an opportunity to access and vote right now in a time where maybe some people, particularly individuals who are in more vulnerable health, may feel less inclined to physically come out to a polling place."

    The Juneau Community Foundation will make a presentation, according to Cosgrove.  The Assembly provided money to the Juneau Community Foundation to pull together a report on substance abuse and mental health so Executive Director Amy Skilbred will provide an overview of that report.  Cosgrove the report talks about what services are available in the community and where there might be gaps in service.

    There will also be an update on Juneau's unsheltered population which includes what's happening with Housing First.  "We're going to do an update all together on unsheltered populations and what's going on the community,"  Cosgrove said.  "So a little bit about Housing First and the timing.  A little bit about what we're doing at the armory building with  the expanded sheltering options,  and just talk in general about where some of those gaps in service might be."

    The Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled to convene at 6 p.m.

    The Lands, Resources, and Economic Development Committee convenes an hour earlier at five, and Public Works and Facilities is scheduled to meet over the Noon hour.

    Citizens can join all of the meetings via Zoom, Facebook Live Stream, or by telephone.


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