Prospective 'Green Cruise Corridor' in the works for Alaska, Washington

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau Assembly was given a presention on the first steps towards exploring a maritime green corridor, a first of its kind, aimed at accelerating the deployment of zero-emission ships and operations between Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington.

    The ambition is to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions across all aspects of the corridor in support of sector-wide decarbonization no later than 2050.

    Juneau Tourism Director Alexandra Pierce spoke on the matter during Monday night's assembly meeting.

    Pierce explained that the Port of Seattle reached out to the city about two months ago with the idea of creating the world's first green cruise corridor between Seattle and Alaska.

    "It involves alternative fuel ships and the supporting infrastructure for those ships and docking and electrified ports. For cruise, that's clearly a little bit more complicated, but the cruise industry has made the commitment to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050," she said. "I think someone somewhere needs to figure out what the roadmap looks like to get the industry there and this concept would be that our region would be the testing ground for that and the site for the feasibility study for the world's first green careers corridor."

    Since Seattle reached out to the city, they have been working to get other partners on board.

    Pierce said they have Carnival Corp, Norwegian Cruise Line, CLIA, Royal Caribbean and Port of Vancouver signed on to the 'First Mover Commitment', committing to working together to establish a Green Corridor Roadmap that explores the feasibility of zero-emission ships, and identifies an implementation plan for an industry transition to zero emissions.

    "I see this as a really exciting opportunity for regional partnership and collaboration between the industry and the ports. Something that's been a big goal of mine and Mr. Watts is to work with our regional partners to kind of articulate a collective vision for the future of cruise tourism in southeast Alaska, and I think this is a really positive opportunity for collaboration a really positive opportunity to help some of the other ports start thinking about their long term goals and plans and what their infrastructure needs might be in this new feasibility study green corridor environment."

    Since the item was informational, no action was taken by the assembly.

    Pierce wrote that The First Mover Commitment will be announced Tuesday at the IAPH World Ports Conference in Vancouver.

    Following agreement on the First Mover Commitment, partners will work together to define the scope of the feasibility study through a project charter.

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