Report: Skagway institutes emergency operation plan in response to rockslides

    Skagway, Alaska (KINY) - In response to continued rockslide events near Railroad Dock, the Municipality of Skagway is activating Level 3 - Full Activation of the Emergency Operation Plan.

    According to the Municipality of Skagway, the plan is defined as “An emergency has developed requiring full activation of the Emergency Operations Center on a 24-hour rotational basis with all trained Skagway staff participating or on call.

    "An emergency declaration is being considered or has been issued and the appropriate departments and agencies are performing a coordinated response.”

    Inquiries and event reporting will be disseminated through the Public Information Officer at 907-983-2297, or via e-mail at

    For the public's safety, EOC has closed Congress Way south of the Sea Walk restrooms and prohibits all entry.

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