SEACC comes to defense of Marine Highway on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Among the chorus of voices opposed to reducing the budget of the Alaska Marine Highway is the voice of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council.

    The organization's  Grassroots Attorney Buck Lindekugal was a guest on Action Line.  He says they've heard everything from increasing fares to privatizing the system.  "We think there's a concern there because if you focus on the bottom line, it's so easy to put profits ahead of service and this again is our lifeblood in coastal Alaska and needs to be protected and serviced appropriately."

    Linkekugal added that they're not opposed to fixing the problem.

    Governor Mike Dunleavy has resolved to resurrect Juneau Access and the road option.

    When asked if SEACC would continue to oppose a road, Lindekugal said, "Darn right.  Darn right."

    Lindekugal added that they're hoping that the reality associated with learning how to govern will help the Governor prioritize his efforts as he moves forward.  "There are things we can do with our  money that satisfies all our needs without wasting it on a dangerous and halfway extension of a dead end."

    Lindekugal is speaking of the preferred alternative in the shelved study that called for a road up the east side of Lynn Canal to a ferry terminal at the Katzehin River from where shuttle vessels would transport travelers to Haines and Skagway.


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