Wuyts-Smith makes pitch for Assembly candidacy on Action Line

    Assembly candidate Troy Wuyts-Smith

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - A man who describes himself as a proud black, gay Alaskan and a husband of a U. S. immigrant is seeking a seat on the Juneau Assembly.

    Troy Wuyts-Smith is running for the District One seat now held by Loren Jones who is term limited and barred from seeking re-election.

    Wuyts-Smith explained why he wants to serve while a guest on Action Line.  "I always wanted to serve.  I know I was born to serve.  I have always been fighting my entire life defending my race, my sexuality so it's just been instilled in my.  I have a strong backbone to fight for the causes that I believe in which is equality, racial justice. We need to expose more culture as much as we can."

    Issues of importance to him include addressing the town's opioid addiction problem, homelessness, reviving the economy and providing what he calls equitable resources for mental health issues.  Wuyts-Smith revealed that he was diagnosed with a mental health condition and adds that he's not ashamed of that and is determined to break the stigma.

    Wuyts-Smith has been in Juneau for four years and works as a manager for Alaska Airlines.

    School Board member Paul Kelly and Sealaska Board member Barbara Blake are also running for the seat.



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