Ellefson-Carnes, Taylor-Roth Tie in Governor’s Cup Race

    Arne Ellefson-Carnes and Clem Taylor-Roth cruise to the finish of the Governor's Cup 5K race on Saturday. (Klas Stolpe/KINY)

      Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Holding hands as they crossed the finish line of Saturday’s Governor’s Cup 5K race, Arne Ellefson-Carnes and Clem Taylor-Roth, both 21, expressed the life-long impact running has on a community.

      “We’ve run together since middle school,” Taylor-Roth, a 2019 Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé graduate, said. He currently runs for Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. “But this is probably the first race we finished together since middle school…”

      Ellefson-Carnes, also a 2019 JDHS graduate, currently runs for St. Olaf College in North Field, Minnesota. 

      “It’s good to put in hard efforts,” Ellefson-Carnes said. “But the most important thing is having a good time so we just kind of took it hard together…”

      The joy of running and community was apparent among the roughly 50 athletes - some of whom opted for a one mile version - as smiles beamed even though the course changed at the last minute due to construction.

     The reroute in the annual event skipped running past the governor's mansion and was started instead at the Juneau Bone & Joint Center parking lot for an out-and-back run to the AWARE Shelter. The route followed the bike path to Channel Vista Drive and continued on to Glacier Highway and returned. The one-mile course remained the same, starting and finishing at the JB&J area, with a half-mile out-and-back along the bike path to the peak of Channel Vista.

      “As long as you can just keep running fun and just play, really,” Taylor-Roth said. “I think you are going to have a good time and get faster…”

      Ellefson- Carnes said the best thing about running is "the places it takes you… and the people you meet. It’s a good group of people.”

    Above - Brook Taintor, 11, and Rowan Taintor, 9, lead the pack in the Governor's Cup 1-Mile race on Saturday. A slideshow is after results below. (Klas Stolpe/KINY)


    1. Tie - Arne Ellefson-Carnes, 21, M / Clem Taylor-Roth, 21, M, 16:55.

    2. Finn Lamb, 15, M, 20:45.

    3. John Nagel, 61, M, 21:59.

    4. Caden Haygood, 15, M, 22:14.

    5. Maria Bulychova, 31, F, 24:04.

    6. Guy Crockroft, 62, M, 24:28.

    7. Jeremy Hsieh, 39, M, 25:29.

    8. Alyssa Hobbs, 44, F, 25:41.

    9. T.J. Mason, 37, M, 25:47.

    10. Dirk Miller, 61, M, 26:34.

    11. Susan Pollard, 62, F, 26:48.

    12. Tie - Beth Loesch, 38, F / Jennifer Loesch, 40, F, 27:39.

    13. John Eldridge, 71, M, 30:04.

    14. Jeff Gnass, 75, M, 30:08.

    15. Tamala Booton, 52, F, 32:31.

    16. Vanessa Gabel, 44, F, 34:04.

    17. Keith Zelazny, 57, F, 38:31.

    18. Ed Johns, 74, M, 39:50.

    19. Eileen Zelazny, 57, F, 42:43.

    20. Linda Kruger, 71, F, 44:43.

    21. Fred Triem, 82, M, 48:42.


    1. Rowan Taintor, 9, M, 7:42.

    2. Brook Taintor, 11, F, 7:59.

    3. Craig Thorsteinson, 12, M, 9:13.

    4. Indie Strong, 8, M, 10:23.

    5. James Dorn, 7, M, 10:31.

    6. Elias Mason, 7, M, 11:24.

    7. Isla Taintor, 4, F, 11:29.

    8. Acacia Forbes, 5, F, 11:32.

    9. Scott Forbes, 45, M, 11:34.

    10. Tie - Aurora Mason, 4, F /Ashley Mason, 35, F, 13:27.

    11. Abby Knight, 6, F, 14:01.

    12. Molly Dorn, 5, F, 15:36.

    13. Eliza Dorn, 38, F, 15:37.

    14. Tie - Lupine Forbes 3, F / Lisa Phu, 41, F, 15:39.

    15. Jet Davis, 6, M, 15:56.

    16. Linda Kruger, 71, F, 17:07.

    17. Thomas Knight, 4, M, 17:21.

    18. Tie - Dominic Davis, 3, M / Myron Davis, 44, M, 18:31.

    19. Tie - Orion Davis, 1, M / Faith Davis, 37, F, 20:11. 

    20. Rozina Strong, 3, F, 23:33.


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