JDHS Pep Band to Celebrate Their Senior Musicians

    Seniors in the JDHS pep band will be honored between the Crimson Bears girls game against South Anchorage at 2:45 p.m. and the boys game at 5 p.m. in the JDHS gym, Saturday, Feb. 19. (Klas Stolpe)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau-Douglas High School: Yadaa.at Kalé Pep Band will honor their senior band members on Saturday between the JDHS Crimson Bears girls game against South Anchorage at 2:45 p.m. and the Crimson Bears boys game against South at 5 p.m. in the JDHS gym.

      “This class of kids have struggled through the pandemic, Zoom school and pep band rehearsals in the parking garage, learning to play with masks on, six feet apart with only 12 members in a closed gym, and then jumping right back in to activities and travel with a new gusto once they were allowed, and often before their teacher was ready,” JDHS band teacher Amy Bibb said. “I want to thank them all for pulling me through these past two years. These kids are not only talented musically, they have a wide range of other talents, are excellent students and are really just fantastic people. It is my privilege to hang out with them every day. Thank you for being a part of the band!”

      Bibb wrote the following comments of her senior band members:

      Zayden Schijvens, Alto Sax - Joined this year and remembered how to play the saxophone from middle school. Thank you, Zayden, for stepping up to the challenge. We are so glad you are in the band this year and so proud of how good you sound! Zayden’s superpower is fearlessness.

      Ella Schwartz, Tenor Sax - Ella has inspired us every day for four years, from making sure all of her classmates were able to travel during her freshman year to learning a new instrument during her senior year in order to better support the pep band. Ella loves the band and has always supported us! Ella’s superpower is optimism.

      Elliot Costello, Electric Guitar - Elliot learned how to play guitar on Zoom. He quickly distinguished himself as an outstanding guitar student and took the step to join his friends in the pep band this year and we are so glad that he did! Thank you for filling some huge shoes and teaching yourself all those parts! Rock Star superpower: kapow!

       Ashlynn King, Tenor Sax - Ashlynn has the best attendance over four years. Even during the pandemic Ashlynn always shows up. Thank you for learning a second instrument and helping bring pep back to the pep band and for always being there. Ashlynn’s superpower is consistency.

      Becky Grube, Clarinet - Becky has performed as varsity basketball player and pep band member for all four years. We are so proud of you! Becky performs faithfully with the band whenever her schedule allows. Your superpower is enthusiasm.

      Adrian Whitney, Tenor Sax - Adrian has been a musical leader in the band from day one. This year he is also serving as a captain. Adrian has helped to inspire us to play louder, play better and be great! Superpower is integrity.

      Trevor Daniels, Trumpet - Trevor inspires with his chill personality and great smile. Thank you, Trevor, for supporting the trumpet section always. Trevor is the keel in the boat, his positive outlook and steadying influence helps keep the boat upright. Superpower steadiness.

      Charlie Musslewhite, Trombone - Charlie has helped lead the band from the bottom for four years as one of the loudest trombone players in the history of this school! Superpower is volume.

      Sam Holst, Trumpet - Sam is a first trumpet player and is in contention with Charlie for loudest in the band. Sam has played consistently with the band throughout his four years in high school, including during the pandemic where we sometimes had only nine people and he was the only trumpet. Thank you so much for your faithful service! Superpower is high notes.

      Clare Homan, Trumpet - Another first trumpet, Clare has been in the band for all four years and plays beautifully! Your sunny outlook and awesome skills help the band sound better! Superpower is cheerfulness.

      Toby Russell, Bass - Toby is an excellent bass player and all-around musician. We have enjoyed having you here when you were able. Thank you for the music! Superpower is music.

      Natanya Reed, Flute - Natanya has been a faithful member of the band for four years, and she has been a vital part of the pep band even though flute players don’t get much glory in pep band where volume is the order of the day. Natanya’s superpower is bringing people together. 

      Sam Marnon, Trumpet - Sam is a super amazing, hard working first trumpet player. Trumpets are the heavy lifters of the band. Sam is one of those guys who we couldn’t do without. Thank you, Sam! Superpower is delivering a joke deadpan.

      Jack Marx, Cowbell - Jack is our captain, so he has played the cowbell for two years now. He keeps us together, gets us to start and stop at the right time and tells us what song to play next. Superpower is his positivity.

      “Jack (Marx) and Adrian (Whitney) and all the seniors have helped to build an amazing band this year after the depressing year of lockdown. Thank you to everyone for inspiring us!” Bibb said.

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