Rutt, Spieth Top Field to Father Brown’s Cross

    Wyoming's Seth Rutt approaches the summit of the Goldbelt Tram-Mount Roberts Trail Run on Saturday. Rutt had the fastest time with 35 minutes 46 seconds. (Klas Stolpe/KINY)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - No new records were set but the same intensity of past races continued as Seth Rutt, 35, and Amie Spieth, 32, had the fastest men’s and women’s times, respectively, in Saturday’s 3.5 mile Goldbelt Tram-Mount Roberts Trail Run.

      Rutt was the first runner to touch Father Brown’s Cross at the race summit to officially stop his time with 35 minutes and 46 seconds and become the first actual in-person ascent of the race since the pandemic forced two years of virtual trail runs.

      “Running at sea level helps a lot since the base level I train at is at 6,000 feet,” Rutt said.

      Rutt lives and trains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but visits Juneau often with his wife, Katilyn Rutt, formerly Katilyn Foscat, and their five-year-old son.

      “It is nice to run at sea level and feel like I have more oxygen and air,” he said.

      Rutt said the toughest part of the Goldbelt Tram-Mount Roberts Trail Run was “pacing yourself at the beginning so that you have some energy for the big steps that you have up the roots and everything. So, like, the start of it is super flat and it can be easy to go way too fast…”

      Racers started at the Mount Roberts Lower Tram parking lot, moved up Franklin Street to 6th Street and along Basin Road, zig-zagged 1,800 feet along the Mount Roberts Trail and summited at Father Brown’s Cross.

      Juneau’s Spieth finished the course fourth overall with a time of 42:49.

      “Tired,” Spieth said at the summit. “I think it is always beneficial to know where the cuts are… I actually took a wrong one at one point and ended up in a thick of devil’s club and had to back track… but I think it probably plays to your advantage to know where the short cuts actually are…”

      The race is co-hosted by Juneau Trail and Road Runners and Goldbelt Mount Robert’s Tram.

      Race director Linda Kruger said “this would not be possible without Goldbelt Mount Robert’s Tram. They sponsor the race, providing passes, water and a snack for runners. They are an amazing partner.”

    Above - Racers start the Goldbelt Tram-Mount Roberts Trail Run on Saturday. See slideshow below. (Klas Stolpe/KINY)

      Goldbelt Tram-Mount Roberts Trail Run placings are as follows (Place, Name, Age, Time, Sex):

      1 - Seth Rutt, 35, M, 35:46.

      2 - Matt Beedle, 44, M, 38:45.

      3 -  Justin Jones, 34, M, 41:42.

      4 - Amie Spieth, 32, F, 42:49.

      5 - Brianna Grigsby, 35, F, 43:09.

      6 - John Nagel, 61, M, 43:22.

      7 - Quinn Tracy, 42, M, 44:13.

      8 - Cindy Tuckwood, 53, F, 46:34.

      9 - Martha Santandreu, 32, F, 47:48.

      10 - Amy Klepetar, 45, F, 48:23.

      11 - Dylan Williams, 26, M, 48:37.

      12 - Steve Gilles, 64, M, 49:05.

      13 - Ray Imel, 62, M, 49:15.

      14 - Daniel Rondeau, 68, M, 49:24.

      15 - Addison Field, 49, M, 49:39.

      16 - Danielle Dunivin, 32, F, 52:07.

      17 - Ray Dwyer, 61, M, 52:15.

      18 - Jason Hort, 49, M, 55:57.

      19 - Jennifer Loesch, 40, F, 60:43.

      20 - Jeremy Hsieh, 39, M, 62:24.

      21 - Guy Crockroft, 62, M, 63:07.

      22 - TJ Mason, 37, M, 63:53.

      The race earns points toward the Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Cup.

      The Goldbelt Tram-Mount Roberts Trail Race record for women is 37:56 set by Abby Lowell in 2009, Sadie Tuckwood hit 38:42 in 2019 and Alyssa Shaw 38:55 in 2016.

      John Bursell hit 30:32 for men in 2006, Joshua Musson 31:38 in 2017 and Allan Spangler 31:36 in 2019.

      Mindy Shaw and Quinn Tracy won the mens and women’s titles, respectively, in the 2021 virtual race and Christy Gentemann and Dylan Anthony, in the 2020 virtual outing.

      Other winners include Sadie Tuckwood and Allan Spangler in 2019, Cindy Tuckwood and Allan Spangler in 2018, Amie Spieth and Joshua Musson 2017, Alyssa Shaw and Hiram Henry 2016, Heidi Brook and Geoff Roes 2015, Melanie Fairbanks and Jeffrey Early 2014, Laura Fox and Allan Spangler 2013, Karlynn Welling and Houston Laws 2012, Melanie Fairbanks and Houston Laws 2011, Janeann Twelker and Tristan Knutson-Lombardo 2010, Abby Lowell and Scott May 2009, Janeann Twelker and Geoff Roes 2008, Janeann Twelker with Geoff Roes and Keith Larson finishing in a tie 2007, Brea Mearig and John Bursell 2006, and Joann Quigg and John Bursell 2005.



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